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Our Mission
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Our Vision
It is our vision to be the pinnacle of knowledge, character, ethics, and community building.
  • Teach children to be cognitive, analytical, creative and enthusiastic lifelong learners.
  • Teachers are role-models for their students.
  • Parents are role-models for their children.
  • Senior students are role-models for younger ones.

Our Mission

  • Manara Academy will provide students with a creative, adaptive and ethical environment to prepare them to become future leaders of the society.
  • Provide high academic achievement.
  • Firm command of a foreign language.
  • Address the needs of students, their families and their communities by building on the strengths of students' cultural heritage and life experiences to enable them to become successful.

Why Manara?

  • Free Tuition
  • Autonomy of a Private School with the Accountability of a Public School
  • Intensive Professional Development for Teachers
  • Multi-Cultural Environment
  • Academics
    • Prepare students for high academic achievements by emphasizing on individual learning styles and critical thinking skills.
    • In-depth, experience based instruction.
    • First in Texas to implement Expeditionary Learning (ELS) - a top rated teaching methodology.
  • Foreign Language Program
    • Provide students with a high command of a foreign language utilizing ESFL - a top rated laguage program.
    • Help to improve cognitive skills, broaden perspective and bridges cultural gaps.

  • Moral Character
    • Produce students who personify high ethics through leadership, community service, and personal integrity.
    • Provide a school culture that exemplifies trustworthiness, respect, responsibility and fairness.

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