A hijabi principal hands a diploma to a high school graduate, dressed in royal blue graduation robes with a golden yellow sash
A large group of students and teachers pose for a photo outside the Perot museum in Dallas, TX.
The Manara Minute District Newsletter Issue 3, Photo of all graduating seniors on a white wall under the numbers "2022", three senior photos along with brief interviews, graduation time and place announcement, congratulations photo detailing sum of scholarships awarded to seniors
Financial Presentation
The Manara Minute District Newsletter Issue 2, Monthly recap of accomplishments, upcoming important dates, note from superintendent, photo of students reading with teacher
The Manara Minute District Newsletter, Photos of website, Text describing website features
3D Printers
Reading  Book
Police Officer and Student Lower Flag
Canopy of Trees
Students outdoors engaged in learning activity
Educators engaged in activities
Stem Reading Winners posing in classroom
Students engaged in reading activities
3d printer printing